Google Ads Introduces Demand Gen Globally: A Game-Changer for Advertisers

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Google Ads has launched its next-generation tool – Demand Gen, offering all its customers worldwide access to its cutting-edge features. Initially regarded as the successor of Discovery campaigns, Demand Gen boasts a variety of new features, inventories, and insights.

A Brief Overview

Demand Gen is an AI-powered instrument crafted explicitly for advertisers on social platforms. Its design aids the journey of spotting potential consumers and swaying them through visually alluring content. This addition to Google Ads aims to drive conversions, lure in site visits, and foster actions over entertainment-centric platforms like YouTube, Discover, and Gmail.

Why Does Demand Gen Matter?

1. Diverse Content Creation: Unlike Discovery campaigns, which were restricted to images, carousels, or product data feed, Demand Gen stands out by supporting videos. This includes the mainstream YouTube videos and the trending Shorts, offering advertisers an expansive canvas to craft the most appealing content for their target audience.



2. Engaging New Audiences: With the inception of the Lookalike segments feature, Demand Gen can introduce brands to potential customers unfamiliar with them. Advertisers can then optimize the outcome by selecting a bidding strategy that aligns seamlessly with their objectives, whether it’s clicks, conversions, or website actions.


3. Cost-effective Engagement: Google claims that Demand Gen can notch up click-through rates three times higher while cutting down the cost per action (CPA) by 61% compared to conventional paid social campaigns. This is made possible by its capability to cater to diverse content formats, ranging from succinct videos to carousels.

4. Enhanced Shopping Experience for Retailers: Retailers can leverage Demand Gen to amalgamate videos, images, and textual content from their catalogs, presenting products to potential consumers that resonate with their interests and search intentions.

Getting the Most Out of Demand Gen

For those keen on diving deep into the functionalities and optimizing their campaigns, Menachem Ani, the Founder of JXT Group and a contributor to Search Engine Land, has offered a plethora of best practice tips. These insights encapsulate campaign management suggestions, collaborating tips with clients and leadership, and setting pragmatic expectations.

To gain a comprehensive understanding and harness the full potential of Demand Gen, readers can delve into Ani’s article titled “Google Demand Gen campaigns: Migration and best practices”.

Final Thoughts from Google

Reflecting on the strategic shift in the consumer’s product discovery journey, Vidhya Srinivasan, the VP & GM in Google Ads (Search Ads & Ads on Google Experiences), shared her insights:

“The way consumers discover products is shifting — decisions are made throughout the funnel. To keep up with this evolving media landscape, social advertisers need to adapt their strategies to deliver results. Demand Gen campaigns can help you capture the interest of billions of users as they spend time on YouTube and Google’s visually immersive touchpoints. The engaging creatives can spur action while our audience and bidding solutions help you nurture interest with more potential customers.”


1. What is Demand Gen?

Demand Gen is an AI-powered tool introduced by Google Ads, tailored to assist advertisers on social platforms. It facilitates the discovery and conversion of potential consumers through visually captivating content.

2. How does Demand Gen differ from Discovery campaigns?

While Discovery campaigns supported only images, carousels, or product data feeds for creatives, Demand Gen allows advertisers to use videos, including mainstream YouTube videos and Shorts.

3. What platforms can Demand Gen target?

Demand Gen is designed to generate interactions across entertainment-focused platforms like YouTube, Discover, and Gmail.

4. How can Demand Gen help in reaching new audiences?

Demand Gen features the new Lookalike segments, allowing brands to engage potential customers who might not be familiar with them. Advertisers can further optimize results by selecting the appropriate bidding strategy.

5. What are the advantages of using Demand Gen for my campaigns?

Demand Gen boasts up to 3X higher click-through rates and offers a 61% lower cost per action (CPA) compared to traditional paid social campaigns. This is due to its diverse content formats, ranging from short-form videos to carousels.

6. Can retailers benefit from Demand Gen?

Absolutely! Retailers can use Demand Gen to merge videos with images and text from their catalogs, showcasing products that align with potential consumers’ interests and search intents.

7. Where can I find best practices for using Demand Gen?

Menachem Ani, the Founder of JXT Group, has provided a detailed guide on best practices for Demand Gen in his article titled “Google Demand Gen campaigns: Migration and best practices”.

8. How does Demand Gen contribute to the shopping experience?

By combining videos, images, and text, Demand Gen can provide a rich, immersive shopping experience by showing products that match potential customers’ interests and search intentions.

9. What has Google's stance been on the launch of Demand Gen?

Google recognizes the evolving landscape of how consumers discover products. Demand Gen is designed to help advertisers adapt to this shift, capture user interest, and stimulate action across Google’s visually immersive platforms.

10. Is Demand Gen available to all Google Ads customers?

Yes, Google Ads has started rolling out Demand Gen globally, making it accessible to all its customers.