Use LENSA AI for Images just as ChatGPT for Text

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Lensa AI has been creating quite a buzz on social media. This artificial intelligence-powered image filter app is using users’ selfies as its canvas to generate one-of-a-kind pieces of art, pushing AI in art into an uncharted realm.

Though this creative initiative has gained plenty of attention, it also raised questions about user privacy and data security that are worth considering.

Prisma Labs, a California-based AI developer that achieved fame five years ago for its app Prisma – an image editor with art filters to transform images into eye-catching creations – recently updated their core technology. The result is LENSA AI, the cutting edge in automated image generation which has sparked newfound attention and admiration. From casual users trying out free local filter options to elevated access to ‘premium’ tier features, this innovative platform by Prisma Labs offers diverse opportunities worth exploring.

Get creative with Lensa!

Download the app from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Once you’re in, just click on “Magic Avatars” and upload 10-20 selfies – it only takes a few minutes of your time.
Then sit back while powerful AI technology generates 100 unique avatars for you to use within 15 minutes’ time!

Significance Of Lensa

Lensa AI, the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology has made headlines creating art and text.

Recently OpenAI developed ChatGPT — a chatbot which produces lengthy yet highly accurate stories from given statements or words. Additionally, generating remarkable forms of painted and illustrated artwork is Dall-E’s forte; an imaginator based on GAN (generative adversarial networks) making use of simple input phrases to create amazing works!

Lensa AI is revolutionizing the world of art, making it possible to create sophisticated images and text with no professional experience required. While users are thrilled at this advancement in technology, experts warn that an unchecked use of artificial intelligence can affect both our creative output and human rights – a reminder for us all to always be mindful of how we make use of these powerful tools.

Reviews & Concerns With Lensa

With the rise of Lensa’s selfie-editing technology, users and professionals alike have taken a closer look at its underlying ethical measures.

Renowned illustrator Karla Ortiz has publicly stated that some of her artwork was illegally used to train Lensa’s AI algorithms without consent – prompting other experts in the field to further express their doubts about whether data acquired through this service is being handled responsibly or not. Not only artists but also everyday users are concerned with how their privacy might be affected if they choose to use such services from questionable providers like Lensa.


In a digital revolution, Lensa AI is creating waves in the art world by turning selfie-takers into virtual masters. But alongside this innovative use of technology comes some questions as to how user data and privacy will be impacted. As people across social media platforms discuss these issues, it’s become clear that an informed debate on ethical considerations remains essential for any form of artificial intelligence application – even those which allow us to make masterful images from our selfies!