TikTok Introduces Ads in its Search Results: Everything Brands Need to Know

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TikTok, the social media giant that has revolutionized the way we consume short-form video content, is now diving deeper into the advertising realm. The platform is set to start serving ads directly within its search results, introducing an avenue for brands to expand their reach and connect with high-intent users.

The Dawn of Search Ads on TikTok

Up until now, search results on TikTok were an ad-free experience. But with the new addition of search and the “Search Ads Toggle” feature in the TikTok Ads Manager program, brands have an opportunity to position their ads right under search, where users are actively seeking information.

The Search Ads Toggle isn’t a standalone feature. Instead, it’s an extension of a brand’s TikTok video ad purchase. Using this tool, brands can have their existing In-Feed Ad creatives displayed alongside organic and search engine results that match relevant user queries.

Benefits for Brands

Targeted Reach: With the Search Ads Toggle, brands marketing agencies can specifically target users using the app’s search box. This allows advertisers to cater to their target audience of high-intent users and young people who are looking up products or services relevant to their business.

Incremental Engagement and Revenue: The tool can potentially drive higher engagement rates and additional in revenue potential for advertising campaigns. This is because it lets brands extend their campaign’s visibility to a segment of users who are actively seeking out related information.

How Does the Search Ads Toggle Work?

Brands don’t have to generate new content for these search ads. The tool auto-generates ads using a brand’s existing content, then places the automatically created search ad within TikTok’s organic search results to create ads that match the relevant user queries.

The ads are distinctively marked as “Sponsored” content, ensuring transparency for users. Moreover, the position of the search ad itself on the results page varies, depending on its relevance to the audience based on the search ads market user’s search intent.

Upon clicking the ad, users are presented with an experience similar to the in-feed TikTok content. They can effortlessly continue to scroll through video ads on the search results page, ensuring a seamless user journey.

Keeping Advertisers in Control

Understanding user behavior and the need for brand safety in feed ads, TikTok provides advertisers the ability to control ad placements in feed ads. Advertisers can add “negative keywords,” ensuring their campaigns don’t appear alongside content that might conflict with their brand’s messaging.

A Statement from TikTok

Highlighting the potential and importance of this new feature, a TikTok spokesperson commented:

“The Search Ads Toggle offers a unique opportunity to deliver rich, relevant content and experiences to our vast user base. Whether they’re discovering new brands and content, revisiting older videos, or chasing the latest trends, our users can now benefit from an enhanced search journey, all thanks to this feature.”

The spokesperson also shed light on the feature’s effectiveness, mentioning TikTok’s internal research:

“Our data reveals that 70% of ad groups with the Search Ads Toggle ‘on’ witness more efficient performance in search engine than ad formats when it’s off, mainly due to the higher conversion rates driven by search engine ads.”

In conclusion, TikTok’s introduction of ads within its search results marks a pivotal moment for advertisers looking for new audiences to capitalize on the platform’s immense popularity. As brands navigate this new territory, the potential for increased visibility, engagement, and revenue awaits.

FAQs: TikTok's Search Ads Toggle Feature

1. What is TikTok's Search Ads Toggle feature?

The Search Ads Toggle is a tool within the TikTok Ads Manager program that allows brands to display their existing In-Feed Ad creatives alongside organic search results on TikTok.

2. How does the Search Ads Toggle benefit brands?

This feature allows brands to specifically target users using TikTok’s search box, reaching high-intent users actively seeking products or services relevant to their business. This can lead to higher engagement and potential revenue.

3. Do advertisers need to create new ad content for the Search Ads Toggle?

No. The tool automatically generates ads using a brand’s existing content, making it easy for advertisers to get started without additional creative efforts.

4. How are these search ads labeled?

All ads served through the Search Ads Toggle are clearly marked as “Sponsored” content, ensuring transparency for TikTok users.

5. Can brands control where their ads are placed?

Yes. Advertisers have the option to add “negative keywords” to their campaigns. This ensures their ads don’t appear alongside content that may not align with their brand’s messaging.

6. How do these search ads impact the user experience?

When a user clicks on a search ad, they are provided with an in-feed TikTok experience. Users can continue scrolling through the search results, ensuring a seamless integration with their browsing habits.

7. Has TikTok provided any insights into the effectiveness of the Search Ads Toggle?

According to TikTok’s internal research, 70% of ad groups using the Search Ads Toggle have seen improved performance due to more efficient conversions from search ads.

8. Are these ads only visible to users searching for products or services?

No. While the ads target high-intent users, they can be displayed for any relevant search query, whether it’s for new content, older videos, or trending items.

9. How do these search ads differ from TikTok's regular In-Feed Ads?

While the creative content remains the same, the placement is different. Search ads are displayed alongside organic search results, providing brands with a unique avenue to reach users.

10. How can brands get started with the Search Ads Toggle feature?

Brands can activate the Search Ads Toggle feature through the TikTok Ads Manager program. It’s an extension of an advertiser’s TikTok video ad purchase.