Threads by Meta: A Powerhouse Microblogging App Challenging Twitter’s Dominance, Attracts 30 Million Users Already

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Meta Enters the Microblogging Arena

Stepping up its game in the ongoing competition with Twitter, Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook, has launched a brand-new app, Threads. The platform is intended to offer a space for real-time online conversations, a realm previously dominated by Twitter. With its official release on Wednesday, Threads has already captivated a staggering 30 million users, a number shared by Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his verified Threads account.

Threads: Drawing Parallels with Twitter


At a glance, Threads bears striking similarities to Twitter, from its layout to the overall product description. The objective of Threads, as defined by Zuckerberg, is to “create an option and friendly public space for conversation.” The founder of Meta envisions combining the best aspects of Instagram with a fresh experience centered on text, ideas, and open discussions.

Zuckerberg's Bold Predictions and Goals for Threads

When asked about the potential of Threads surpassing Twitter, Zuckerberg displayed optimism. He wrote on Threads, “It’ll take some time, but I think there should be a public conversations app with 1 billion people on it. Twitter has had the opportunity to do this but hasn’t nailed it.” He confidently added, “Hopefully we will.”

Threads: Bridging Communities and Conversations


As per the app’s listing, Threads is projected as a community space where people can discuss everything from current affairs to trending topics. The platform promises a limit of 500 characters per post and compatibility with both iOS and Android across 100 countries.

How Threads Works: A Blend of Instagram and Twitter

After downloading Threads, users can link their Instagram profiles, follow the same accounts they do on Instagram, and customize their profiles. The app’s interface resembles Twitter’s text-based feed, complete with the ability to repost and quote other Threads posts. Additionally, Threads borrows from Instagram’s aesthetic, enabling users to share posts directly to Instagram Stories.

Threads: A Potential Threat to Twitter Amid Turmoil

The launch of Threads has caused ripples in the world of social media, with it being potentially the biggest threat to Twitter yet, courtesy of Meta’s vast resources and considerable audience. The unveiling of Threads comes at a time when Twitter has been facing various issues, including recent outages, tweet limit restrictions, and the controversial takeover by entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The Increasing Rivalry: Twitter and Meta


The rivalry between the two tech giants has been further amplified by Twitter’s recent foray into Meta’s territory, with the introduction of encrypted messaging and upcoming calling feature. As the tension mounts between the two companies, the ongoing tussle between Musk and Zuckerberg only seems to be adding fuel to the fire.

In the end, as users, we’re left in anticipation of the impact Threads will make on the social media landscape and how Twitter will counteract this bold move from Meta. Time will tell which platform will gain the upper hand and win the favor of the masses.


Q1: What is Meta's new application 'Threads'?

Threads is a new app by Meta, aiming to offer a space for real-time online conversations. It is positioned to compete with Twitter, offering similar features and aesthetics.

Q2: How is 'Threads' similar to Twitter?

Threads resembles Twitter in several ways, such as its layout and product description. It is a text-based social media platform with real-time conversations, and users have the ability to repost and quote other Threads posts.

Q3: How many users does 'Threads' currently have?

Threads had already garnered 30 million sign-ups by the day after its launch, according to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO.

Q4: Is 'Threads' available for download in my country?

Meta has made the app available in 100 countries on both iOS and Android. However, you’ll need to check your respective app store to confirm its availability in your region.

Q5: Can I link my Instagram account to 'Threads'?

Yes, after downloading Threads, you are asked to link your Instagram page, customize your profile, and you can choose to follow the same accounts you already follow on Instagram.

Q6: How does 'Threads' differ from Twitter?

While Threads is similar to Twitter in many ways, it also incorporates elements of Instagram. Users can share posts from Threads directly to Instagram Stories, which isn’t a feature available on Twitter.

Q7: What has been Twitter's response to 'Threads'?

The launch of Threads has escalated the rivalry between Twitter and Meta. Twitter has been introducing features that could allow it to compete with other Meta products like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Q8: Does 'Threads' have a character limit for posts?

Yes, the company has stated that messages posted to Threads will have a 500-character limit, somewhat similar to Twitter’s 280-character limit.

Q9: What are Mark Zuckerberg's predictions for 'Threads'?

Zuckerberg has expressed confidence in the potential of Threads to grow into a platform hosting public conversations among 1 billion+ people, eventually surpassing Twitter.

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