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Google recently unveiled their Search in Video feature, piloting it first in India and now also being tested within the United States. With this update to Google search, users can quickly answer questions or find information buried deep inside of a long video clip.

For example, viewers searching for Taj Mahal while watching an Agra-themed video could use “Search In Video ” feature to better pinpoint what they are looking for without having to fast forward through all of the footage!

We're piloting the ability to search within videos on your phone's Search app. Just type in your query using the ‘Search in video’ feature & find exactly what you’re looking for.


Here’s the video :

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Key Moments

Google’s AI-driven technology is revolutionizing how content can be searched. By utilizing YouTube’s automated transcriptions and isolating key moments in videos, Google Search has gained the ability to quickly access relevant information with ease. This innovation makes it simpler than ever before for users to find answers they’re seeking online.

Why search inside a video?

Unlock the power of searching within video!

With this cutting-edge technological capability, users can quickly and precisely screen their digital media files to locate specific content – it’s just that easy.

Checkout what US searchers says :


Google Search in Video is a revolutionary and unprecedented feature that allows users to jump directly into the exact content they’re looking for within long video clips. The ability to search inside of a video grants much more freedom and flexibility than what was possible before.

It also gives consumers an improved way to explore the ever-growing video library and find the content they’re searching for quickly.

Now that Google has released this update, its potential is surely going to surprise us in even more innovative ways!