Microsoft’s Trustworthy Move: Verified Advertisers Only from Aug 1, 2023

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Microsoft is set to make the internet a more trustworthy space for users and businesses. The tech giant’s advertising wing, Microsoft Advertising, recently announced a significant change in its operations: from August 1, 2023, it will only show ads from verified advertisers.

Building Trust and Transparency in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem


As part of the Advertiser Identity Verification program, which Microsoft Advertising launched back in June 2022, this move seeks to instill a heightened level of trust and transparency in the digital advertising landscape. By ensuring all advertisers have gone through a thorough verification process, Microsoft is putting a firm foot forward in the fight against misleading ads. If you’re an advertiser who’s yet to complete the Microsoft Ads verification process, it’s time to do so to avoid any interruptions in your ad delivery.

Microsoft Advertising's New Timeline: Mark Your Calendars!

To smoothly implement this significant change, Microsoft has laid out a clear timeline:
July 1: This is the deadline for all new advertisers to be verified. Any advertiser hoping to kickstart their Microsoft Ads journey from this date must first pass through the verification process.
July 15: Is your account still not verified, and you haven’t received an email about account verification? This is your last chance to get in touch with Microsoft support.
Aug. 1: The much-awaited date. From this day, Microsoft Advertising will only serve ads from verified advertisers.

What Does This Mean for Bing Users?

This change is not just about keeping advertisers accountable—it’s about providing users with all the information they need to understand why they’re seeing certain ads. With this move, every ad will now show:
The advertiser’s name and location
Details about the business or individual paying for the ad
Information regarding why the user is seeing the ad (such as targeting parameters)
By providing such comprehensive information, Microsoft is empowering users with the necessary tools to understand the intention behind the ads and make more informed decisions.

Here’s what it looks like:

Introducing Microsoft Advertising's New Ad Library

Adding to the momentum, Microsoft Advertising also announced the launch of a new Ad Library. This tool will allow users to view all ads shown on Bing, with impressions in the European Union.
Users can explore the library using either the advertiser’s name or words used in the ad’s creative content. In line with its commitment to transparency, the Ad Library will also showcase the advertiser’s details.


The Big Picture: Microsoft's Bold Step Towards A More Credible Advertising Space


Microsoft’s recent move marks a significant step towards a more transparent and accountable digital advertising ecosystem. While these changes may pose additional requirements for advertisers, they ultimately serve to create a safer environment for digital advertising—a space where consumers can trust the ads they see, and businesses can reap the benefits of their authentic advertising efforts.
As a stakeholder in the Microsoft Advertising landscape, it’s time to adapt and be a part of this trustworthy digital revolution. With increased transparency and stricter verification protocols, Microsoft is setting a precedent for verified advertising in the digital realm. This will undoubtedly shape the future of digital advertising, so buckle up and join the ride!


Q1: When will Microsoft start showing ads only from verified advertisers?

A1: Microsoft will begin showing ads only from verified advertisers starting from August 1, 2023.

Q2: What is the purpose of Microsoft's new policy?

A2: The purpose of this new policy is to enhance trust and transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem. By ensuring that all advertisers are verified, Microsoft aims to protect users from misleading ads and provide a safer online advertising environment.

Q3: I'm an advertiser. How do I get verified by Microsoft?

A3: If you’re an advertiser who hasn’t completed the Microsoft Ads verification process, you’ll need to do so before August 1, 2023, to prevent any interruptions in your ad delivery. If you’re new to Microsoft Advertising, you’ll need to get verified before July 1, 2023. Contact Microsoft support for more details on the verification process.

Q4: What will users see in the new ads?

A4: Users will now see more comprehensive information about the ads, including the advertiser’s name and location, the business or individual paying for the ad, and the reason they’re seeing the ad (e.g., targeting parameters)

Q5: What is Microsoft's Ad Library?

A5: Microsoft’s Ad Library is a new feature that allows users to view all ads that have been displayed on Bing and made any impressions in the European Union. Users can search for ads using the advertiser’s name or words used in the ad’s creative content, providing more transparency and accountability in the online advertising space.

Q6: How will these changes affect the digital advertising landscape?

A6: These changes will introduce a higher level of trust and transparency into the digital advertising ecosystem. It will ensure that users see ads from verified and reliable sources, thus improving the credibility of the advertising space. These changes might also encourage other digital platforms to implement similar verification policies.

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